Client Results

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Adrenal Fatigue, Overweight
After 7 days… “Lost 4.8kgs in first week!! Definitely not going back now” After 21 days… “Feeling super happy this morning, not only has my mood improved but I’m sleeping much more soundly. That’s confirmed by my Fitbit – showing much improvement in deep and light sleep. Also, 7kgs lighter. Could not believe the tape measure either – 7cm off bust, 10cm off waist, 5cm off hips, biceps down 2cm and thighs both 5cm less! No wonder my mood has improved! Notice I have more energy and walking the dogs is a real pleasure when your feet don’t feel like they are stuck in clay! This brilliant protocol makes it so easy because we don’t have to think of recipes and the food is so delicious… oh, and my husband has lost 8kg!!” 💖 After 56-Days….”I had forgotten how good it feels to jump out of bed full of energy with no aches and pains – wearing proper clothes rather than baggy joggers and sweat tops because everything else was so uncomfortable. Also no sore/rawness in tummy, no bloating and gas. Temper and mood significantly improved. I’m delighted to feel like a normal human being – shame I had to wait so long to find the cure” and one more thing… Supplement queen to supplement clean – goodbye old crutches! No longer required thank you! $1000’s of dollars wasted over the years 🙄Female, 55 (Mother & Grandmother)

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Mood Swings, Exhausted
After 56 Days… “So I weighed myself and I have finished the 56-Days at 65 kgs, I started at 79 kg. Considering my catalyst was digestive wellness and “4 – 6 kgs would be nice” I’m pretty surprised I lost 14kgs!!  It’s probably 1997 since I was that weight but to be honest I am not really sure. I feel amazing and confident. No migraines, gut wellness, great skin (hormone bumps on arms are gone); and most importantly to me by putting myself I have not put my breast feeding bub second. He is growing and developing well and ahead or achieving expected milestones – so thriving. Thank you Natalie for everything you have taught me, I’m still learning but this has been a wonderful start to a new lifestyle for us as a family.” – Female 35 (Mother to Baby & 3 yr old)

3 mths later... “On 7 May I finished the Protocol having lost 14 kgs (65 kgs) with great skin no headaches feeling refreshed in the morning and calm in the face of 3yr old tantrums and a baby’s separation angst. Months later I am still feeling good and am now 63 kgs. 5 mths later…” I am now 60.5 kgs. I never thought my true weight was ‘light weight’ 😆😂👍

Overweight, Eczema,  Acne, Digestive issues, Anxiety, Mood swings
After 28 Days… “I have seen changes that I wasn’t expecting and have learnt a lot more about my body in the process. Have lost 7.4kg and 8-9cm off my bust, waist and hips! My energy levels used to fade throughout the day. I feel now that I am not limited in energy over the last two weeks. I have been genuinely surprised by my reduction in stress and anxiety over the last two weeks, as I have still had exams, however I did not feel the weight on my chest like I used to regarding my stress. My mood swings have also subsided and I am really happy about that. My acne has cleared completely on my face and my eczema is getting better and only evident as really dry patches rather than inflamed and raised rashes. Such a massive difference to the beginning of week one. I feel great about my belly, feeling no bloat or cramps etc. I find that I am tolerating more foods now also. Have noticed NO more wheezing and only occasional sneezing. No running nose in the mornings, no coughing. I’m feeling so good and really happy with my progress.” – Female, 20


Chronic Fatigue, Adrenal Fatigue, Anxiety, Aches and Pains, Digestive Issues
After 28 Days… “I started with chronic fatigue, struggling to get out of bed before 10am. Now, a huge improvement. I wake up around 7:30/8am, feeling refreshed and with lots of energy. I don’t recognise myself anymore! I don’t feel like napping in the afternoon and am able to get so much done during the day! I started with HUGE anxiety before and I can see the anxiety levels have definitely reduced and I can think more rationally and more logically. 

I was constantly bloated and heavy and my stomach almost looked like I was pregnant! I couldn’t wear a fitted dress! Now almost completely gone!! I have never had such a flat stomach since my 20s! I feel full after dinner, but my stomach doesn’t feel heavy or bloated and I can’t remember when was the last time I needed to burp. Now this area this area is close to a miracle!!! Before, I was heavily constipated for close to 39 years of my life! Now, I go regularly every morning after my lemon blend and then again after breakfast. The amount of bowel specialists I have seen in my lifetime to only be told that it’s something I just have to live with is absolutely crazy!! Not a single one had suggested I look into the microbiome, which has now fixed a lifetime of problems in 4 weeks.

Before, I’d often wake up in the middle of the night and couldn’t go back to sleep. I used to have terrible nightmares. Now, I sleep like a good baby. No crazy dreams. Wake up around 7:30, feeling refreshed and without the alarm clock. This was basically unheard of before the protocol. Also, before, I had aches and pains all over my body, in my knees, my lower back. I felt like an old grandma. Now, I feel younger, no aches or pains, no lower back pain.” – Female, 39


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Acne, Digestive issues, Anxiety
After 42 Days… “Feeling a huge increase in energy. I haven’t any bloating at all and my skin is fabulous. I’m sleeping well but mostly the reduction in my anxiety is a huge win.” – Female, 24

Eye Floaters, Digestive Issues, Sadness, Overweight
After 28 days… “4.3kg lost, overall 15cm down in body measurements, I haven’t achieved the results above in such a short space of time ever! I don’t feel like I’m in a dark cloud and my energy levels are up. Considering the recent passing of my Mum I’m feeling a little more hopeful and don’t feel like I’m so lonely and fearful. My Digestion has really improved and I’m not as snuffly anymore. My hair looks thicker and nails are stronger and my skin is so much better and has cleared. But the best news is that my Eye Floaters have improved so much, this makes me so happy, beyond words, if this continues to get better, I will be on top of the world. Improving all the time, I’m keeping it up! I’m impressed by the results so far and how I’m feeling so much better. Thanks Natalie x ”. – Female, 57  (Mother of 2 Adult Children)

Extreme Pain, Overweight, Overwhelmed
After 42 days... “This week I hit a milestone of coming off my opioid medication! After 11 months of taking them! I’m still on nerve medication but have reduced that too! Doctor said in 3 months should be off that too! Then I will be on no more medication! I have lost 8 kilos since first weigh in! 9 cm off bust, 10.5 off waist, 17 off hips, 3 off left bicep, 4 off right bicep, 9 off left thigh, 7 off right thigh! Feeling and looking great! ” – Female, 44 (2 Teenage children)

High Levels of Stress, Anxiety, Overweight, Menopausal symptoms, Digestive Issues
After 28 Days… “Very Happy – 6kg down and overall I feel so much better with an increase in energy levels. When I started I was very moody, weepy and dealing with a lot of stress out of my control which required counselling. After 4 weeks – now I am more in control when stressful situations arise, even if the issue if something I cannot do anything about; still feel irritable but definitely calmer. No food cravings and indigestion nearly gone. I am stronger in mind and body and can deal with anything. Even under pressure cause it’s late or whatever, to cook a proper meal for the family, I just breathe and calmly put something yummy together. Everyone is happy”. – Female, 61 

Years of Yo-Yo Dieting, Anxiety, Overweight, Iron deficiency
After 42 Days… “7kg down and 10cm off around the waist while enjoying super delicious food and not worrying about ‘dieting’.  My energy is consistent throughout day and I am far less irritable and with a much better mood. No more cravings for sugar or carbs and I don’t rely on coffee any more to stay regular. Period has significantly reduced in length and heaviness, I am sleeping well and my skin looks a lot more bright”. After 56 Days…Client has been deficient in iron her whole life, being on supplements, iron infusions she was still low. On the Protocol… “I got my iron checked this week just to see where I am at. And I got good results! I am so grateful because by doing this protocol I have repaired my gut, my period has reduced sooo much and as a result of these things my iron is now stable! Thank you x” – Female, 25

Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism, Pain, Low Mood, Digestive Issues
After 28 Days… “Started with joint pain in my toes and foot, right hip aches and shoulder pain. I can’t believe it is ALL GONE and the stiffness is relieved. My digestive issues were indigestion, belching, bloating, gas and abdominal spasms. This has settled right down with NO heartburn. Have gone from low mood, frustrated and irritable to being more proactive than reactive and feeling SO much better. Oh, and lost 5kg and hair is growing back. Natalie, being informed has allowed me the freedom to choose wisely, thanks for all the wealth!” – Female, 55

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Anxiety, Digestive and Hormonal Issues
After 56 Days… “My main goal was to kick my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and other ailments associated with CFS. I used to struggle to complete daily tasks including showering, cleaning and going to the shops, all that jazz. Even having to leave full time work due to the condition. I lived in a constant state of ‘brain fog’ and could never be fully present socially or at work due to the extreme exhaustion.  56-days later and I have a ‘huge’ increase in energy and can get through 4 out of 5 days working a full-time job. An equally important goal for me was fixing my mood and extreme anxiety.  I had extreme social anxiety and avoided social situations or gatherings. This anxiety plagued my daily life.  Now I’m more comfortable in social situations, I didn’t realize food could change something like that but it’s amazing!

Another goal of mine was to get rid of my body and facial acne and pigmentation. I have been plagued with acne for over 10 years now and have spend thousands upon thousands of dollars in treatments, medications etc to fix acne. Here I am 56-days later and I’m pretty much acne free, I don’t have any on my body or face right now. My acne was pretty hormonal, now I don’t get these spikes or huge cysts.

And finally I wanted to combat PMS and digestive issues. Irregular cycles, heavy flow, terrible pain and headaches, nausea that I battled at  not just ‘ that time of the month’.  I still have painful periods accompanied by some nausea however they are shorter and less heavy as before, with other symptoms gone. Also I had constant bloating and now I haven’t been bloated in a very long time. I don’t have stomach pain or reflux anymore. ” – Female, 24

Post Nasal drip, Bloating, Cravings
After 14 Days… “Feeling really well, love the choices of food. Less bloating and more energy, post nasal drip nearly gone. Overall going good, recipes are easy to follow and if you follow the preparation it’s a breeze. Seeded crispbread a winner with everyone, have to put mine in a hiding place! No sugar cravings at all, the food fills you up. Making blueberry muffins tomorrow. And loving the ‘Food for Thought’ posts too. Knowledge is powerful” After 42 Days…” I’m more aware of my digestion and how my inner garden reacts acts to certain foods. Grateful to have found Nat as this lifestyle is now my way of life.🌻– Female, 52 (3 Grown up Children)

Hormone Imbalance, Overweight
After 56 Days…
“I feel amazing! I have lost weight. The main aim of doing the protocol was for my health — and I have achieved that. My periods are normal!!! No or very little bloating!, no clotting!, and no sore breasts!! The change in my periods began immediately — I have had four periods whilst being on the protocol and have not had any period pain tablets — a first in decades!! My periods are the best they have been for years and years!” – Female,  52

Overweight, Anxiety, Depression
After 21 Days… “I have been looking forward to this day when I have to put in my report. I noticed something very subtle but huge this week. I started this protocol because intuitively I felt if I didn’t clean myself up I was going to get really ill. The exhaustion at my core was what scared me most. It felt really deep. Yesterday I noticed that had changed. There is a shift deep in my cells it feels like where it doesn’t feel so debilitating. There is more vitality; I am able to be busy all day whereas before I could only manage about 3 hours of activity in the morning. I have lost 5 kilos – I feel so much better. My emotional self is way more stable and centered. I suffer from considerably less anxiety. Irritability gone. Skin is soft now. My eyes have lost the general aches and pains that were pretty much all over my body. Bloating gone, flatulence gone. Sleep much better quality tho sometimes wake around 3’ish, but don’t stress over that like I used to and go back to sleep fairly quickly. It’s remarkable how much can change in a few weeks! It really is life changing stuff – I’m so heartened by this experience” – Female 58 

After 28 days… “I can say that the Gut Rebalancing Protocol has helped massively with my anxiety. I was anxious everyday to some degree and it has improved by probably 90%. I am actually blown away with how much it has improved.” – Female 39 (Mother to a 3 & 7yr old)

Overweight, Lacking Energy, Poor Sleep
After 56 Days… Simply put… You’re Awesome! Discovering Nat’s Protocol was one of the best discoveries of my life apart from my dry shampoo!  No really!! From the first information session about how my body actually uses food to fuel my body and how I was sabotaging my eating to following through with the Protocol to the letter.   I have learned a lot about nutrition. I had put on around 10kg after my husband was diagnosed with brain cancer.  The shock of this experience led me down a path that I was not strong enough to control other terrible habits that became normal.  I wasn’t looking after myself, instead I concentrated all of my emotion and efforts into my husband’s treatment and our 3 children’s well-being.  I didn’t sleep well and to be honest, thinking about looking after myself seemed like a ridiculous waste of time and energy.  However, my weight increased my sleep was not at all beneficial and I grabbed the easiest meals I could find – comfort food and wine.  It goes without saying that I was an emotional disaster.

I had no idea how much Nat’s protocol was going to repair the damage I had caused.  I had so many “aha” moments during the information session!  I threw myself into the Protocol without looking back.  It was time for me to get back on track and as they say: “I’m no good to my family if I’m no good!”  Or something like that.  I realized that I needed to concentrate on myself a bit to be able to manage my family no matter what happened next in our family.

I loved the fact that I could eat as much as I wanted from the protocol!  I think that appealed to me the most.  I don’t like being told that I can’t have more when something is tasty.  And, the food is SO tasty. And the recipes are so versitile that you can the whole family can eat the same (so no extra cooking), I just added in a few other things ‘extras’ for kid’s and husband. I started to feel the benefits within the first week.  After 35 days... “Yes, there are tough moments, but as soon as I had a work friend not recognize me from behind (WTF) I knew I was doing well.   “I’ve lost nearly 8kg!! The weight dropped off. I now feel empowered about my choices. I would tell anyone who struggles with weight, energy or even just poor diet just how much you Nat has motivated me and how anyone could do the same” – Female 41 (Mother of 3 teenage children) 

Overweight, Digestive Issues, No Energy
After 56 Days… “I have lost 8.5 kg my measurements are shrinking also, energy levels and mental clarity are just superb, still sleeping like a dead log so really enjoying that. Also doing more exercise wise. Overall really happy” – Male, 38 


Ankylosing Spondylitis, Reflux, Irritable Bowel Syndrome
After 42 Days… “For 20 years I’ve had Upper back pain – intermittent pain in hands, legs and eyes and taken a Panadeine forte for back pain. I’ve had none for 6-wks and the pain is gone. I have had chronic IBS for years and it is now 70% better. But the most amazing is that I have had reflux for 20yrs – every single day – and taken a Quickeze (everyday) and Zantac (1-2x a week) but now I’ve had a 70% improvement and if I do get it, it is quickly relieved with Ginger tea” – Male, 40 

Stress, Anxiety, Depression
After 56 Days… “I am over the moon to have finally found an awesome protocol for my gut health!!! Thank you, Natalie, for putting together all the fantastic information about food/stress and the gut. I just LOVE it. After seeing Naturopaths and using a lot of supplements whom thought “Yeh your diet is OK”, I LOVE the fact that Natalie is so passionate and driven by food and the Gut Microbiome. The protocol is an awesomely organised way to keep my nutrition on track (which I really needed) making it so simple to follow working full-time with 2 young children.  It finally feels like I am actually doing something to move towards a happy healthier body. I really love reading the posts from the group and find it inspiring and comforting to have others around going through the same process. So much information that it has let me continue on the same foods even after finishing the protocol. The first time a way of eating has made such an impression to enable me to continue after the fact” – Female 44 (Mother to a 6 & 8yr old)

Perimenopause Symptoms, Overweight, Indigestion
After 14 days… “I’m feeling great – I said goodbye to indigestion. I don’t have any cravings and hardly think about food other than at meal times. But the most positive change by far is my weight – i’m down 5-kilos. This is very encouraging”. After 42 Days… “I.m feeling great – my new normal’ is exhilarating. I fall asleep quickly & usually sleep soundly, my whole digestion system is functioning well & best of all no indigestion. Weight loss is 9-kilos.  After 56-Days…“I have lost 11-kilos (10cm’s off my waist) and feel amazing and the highlight of the past few weeks is that my ankles have returned. Due to bloating & being on my feet for most of my work days/nights my ankles had almost become “cankles”, but not anymore. I was leaning over doing up some very high strappy shoes the other night & did it with ease – the last time I attempted this I had to hold my breath as my stomach was pushing up into my lungs & I couldn’t breath. Life is so much easier & I feel so much happier now.” – 
Female , 55 (Mother to 2 Grown up children)

Atopic Dermatitis, Anxiety, Poor sleep, PMS, Overweight
After 56 days… “My wins include 10 kg weight loss, sleeping is improving (thank goodness😊), no premenstrual symptoms, no muscle cramping and dermatitis is manageable and not consuming my every thought and action” –  Female, 43 (Mother to 3 Teenage children)

High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Overweight, Osteoarthritis
After 56 Days… ” Today is my last day of the protocol. It has been quite the learning curve. It’s been so simple that I even stuck to the plan whilst on a cruise to New Zealand. Before I started, I had a few issues such as thick mucus in my throat for the last couple of years, coughing a lot in my sleep at night, diagnosed fatty liver, high cholesterol and a lot of inflammation in my joints (osteoarthritis). I am so ever grateful to Natalie for getting me started and on track. I knew she would be a “no bullshit” person, but that was what I needed to have someone kick me in the behind. Blood pressure normal from super high to 121/82; the mucus was gone after week 3; coughing has stopped, I have lost almost 8 kgs and 11 cms off my waist. Blood tests show inflammation GONE and Cholesterol has gone right down from 7.3 to 4.8. I no longer have any aches and pains and no need for Osteoarthritis pain relief. Thank you, Natalie, so much. My journey has not ended, but just started ” One year later… My husband and I have learnt so much and our health has improved no end  – Female 63 (Mother and Grandmother)

Overweight, Digestive Issues
After 56 Days… “Really pleased with the results I’ve achieved, having lost 11 kgs and improving my gut health. My friends have told me that the weight loss and change in my body shape is really noticeable. They’ve also been really supportive of what I’m going for my health, which has been a great help. We used to go to dinner to catch up, but now we do other things like going for a walk.  My sleep is still a work is progress, but this has nothing to do with the protocol, and more about me developing a consistent bed time routine. The protocol has given me the tools to continue my journey to good health. Thank you Natalie for developing this fantastic program, it is a credit to you !!!. It’s comprehensive and very easy to follow, because you’ve done all the hard work in providing the menu and the associated shopping list each week. There is nothing to think about except remembering to take the shopping list with you!! The food is full of flavour, which was the key to me completing it successfully. The protocol is worth every cent of the investment that everyone should make towards their health” Female, 46

Extreme Fatigue, Overweight, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
After 28 Days... “I can’t remember a time that I wasn’t fatigued and bloated, no energy… headaches… overweight with recently diagnosed as pre-diabetic. I wanted to feel better and get back to being fit and healthy. The Gut Rebalancing Protocol gave me that start as it guided me with meal plans and recipes. After 4 weeks I lost 5.8kg, have no headaches, bloating is gone and I have so much energy. A lot of people tell me I am looking good and have lost weight. I’m a walking recommendation for your program!” – Female, 51 (Mother to teenage children)

Low Energy, Hay fever, Skin rashes/itching, Aches and Pains
After 56 Days… “ I am delighted with the weight I’ve lost but more delighted with how much better I feel, increased energy, clear complexion, whole body feels better so aching joints etc lost gone too.   I have no cravings and my gut feels more settled and predictable.  So I really am very happy with the results and have no desire to go back to my old way of eating! I have no cravings for bread or sugar and love eating like this.  I haven’t quite reached my target of 10 kilos but have lost 8 and believe I would have lost more but the arrival of the cold weather took me by surprise and I started eating more of everything.  That’s settled down now, so I think I will easily knock off the last couple of kilos.” –  Female, 74 (Mother & Grandmother)

Skin problems
After 56-Days… “The program is life changing. I really like the fact that you feel the difference with in a week. I feel very light and full of energy. The meals are delicious and very filling. My face that had a lot of acne has cleared up.  The main difference has been weight loss and clearer skin.” – Female, 29


Graves’ Disease (Full thyroidectomy), Digestive Issues, Insomnia
After 56-Days… 
“Without going on and on, I’m just going to let everyone know that the protocol works, and I’ve tried LOTS of things. So because of that, Natalie has my absolute trust and confidence. Sorry for the gushing. I’m done now!” – Female,33  (Mother to 3yr old and newborn) Started the Protocol at 20 wks pregnant.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Reflux
After 56 Days… “I had 30 years of extremely bad digestion issues, particularly acid reflux and nausea after eating. I also fought a constant battle with cravings for some foods high in salt and sugar. I started the Gut Rebalancing Protocol and was surprised how quickly I started to feel better. My reflux reduced within days. I was also surprised at the bonus of fairly quick initial weight loss – particularly as it wasn’t something I was specifically aiming for. I now have some very practical tools to be able to maintain better long-term gut health. I would recommend this program to anyone with gut issues. Oh, and I no longer get sea-sick!”- Female, 55


Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Adrenal fatigue, Sleep disturbances, Hair Loss
After 56 Days… “After a long time trying to get to the bottom of my very poor memory, lethargy and hair loss, I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. I started removing certain foods from my diet as suggested to me and didn’t really see much improvement. In the mean time, I was on so many supplements trying desperately to keep things together. It was then discovered that I had Hashimotos thyroiditis…a severe attack on my thyroid which worsened over a couple of years. By this stage I was eating such a limited range of foods that my gut microbiome was seriously out of whack. I was in a terrible state. Fortunately, I discovered Natalie at one of her talks and eventually decided to try the Protocol. I could write for half an hour about how things have turned around for me by week 5 of the protocol. I have eaten so much more variety and quantity of food and I am feeling so happy and positive due to the great program and support. I am so grateful I went to that talk!! My life is being transformed not just my health! I have just started week 8 today and everything else is going SO well!! I re-read my goals from week 1 and I was so happy to realise that I have achieved all of them!! Thanks to your knowledge, encouragement and guidance” – Female, 52


Digestive Issues
After 35 Days… “I joined the Protocol because of digestion issues and poor bowel regularity- which I have had most of my life. Seemed to be an inherited issue which usually gives people an out by saying, “Oh well I can’t do anything about inherited issues!” I decided I didn’t want to end up like my parents as I started to age – gracefully of course! I went on a very strict programme in 2016 for weight loss and achieved my goals but still had the worse digestion and bowel issues. I am in Week 5 of the protocol and have no digestive pain or sluggishness and a regular bowel. I am very appreciative of all the hard work and insight given by Natalie. It’s amazing that there is a massive variety of foods out there I wasn’t eating” – Female, 54


Anxiety, SIBO, Pelvic Inflammatory disease, Wanting to get Pregnant
After 56-Days… “I finished the Protocol in December. I found the first couple of weeks a little challenging and then I found it became easier and loved everything about it from the delicious recipes and learning so much about food and the impact our gut microbiome has to so many areas of our health to how I felt physically and mentally and just being in control. My goal was to heal my gut having been diagnosed with SIBO and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease last year, reduce my inflammation, improve my mood and energy and get pregnant. I was very pleased with the results and achieving all my goals – I am now 12 weeks pregnant. The added bonus is my daughter is sleeping better, her eczema is gone and my husband has lost 9kg. I’ve already got so much value from this group and am very grateful for all of the teachings, support and community the private support group gives us.” – Female 33 (Mother to 3yr old & pregnant)


Lyme disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Headaches, Migraines, Fibromyalgia, Iron deficiency
After 42 Days… “I just wanted to say “Thank you” Natalie! For the first time in over 3 years my monthly blood tests have returned a “normal” white cell & neutrophil count! Wooohoo. And just a wonderful tidbit about Iron and the Protocol…I traditionally have very low Ferritin levels (several infusions & see a Haematologist). Prior to starting GRP it was 27 (should be over 30) and I started eating healthy mixed with some chicken/fish whilst sorting out intolerances. Iron levels dropped further to 10 through that month. Started with the protocol from the beginning of February and  I’ve taken NO iron supplements and have already gone to 10 with no supps!! Now it’s gone UP to 17 and my Haemaglobin has gone up too!! (So no longer mild anaemia). Quite extraordinary! Thank you Natalie and the Protocol!! I decided to go for it and see if the gut could “fight it out and re-balance” as you’d mentioned in a previous post and Voila! Extremely grateful 🎉 – Female, 37 (Mother to a 4 & yr old)


Auto immune disorder leading to inflammation of muscles, Lethargy, Lack of enthusiasm for life
After 35 Days… “Week 5 and already feel so much better. Energy levels up and no more brain fog. But had the best news yesterday in that all my blood tests results are normal… more high inflammatory markers… it’s not all in the mind!!! Woohoo” – Female, 52 (Mother to 2 grown up children)


Pain, Menopause symptoms, Overweight
After 42 Days… “I joined because I realised I was spending all this time and money on exercise for my physical health but ignoring my inside health. I am currently on week 7 and feel really good. Cravings gone. I mainly started the program for pain. Some of my pains have improved by 50%, my night flushes are gone, weight down and just generally feel good. I have found the program easy to adhere. The preparation is definitely worth doing as it sets up your week. I am now much more conscious of what I put in my mouth. It has been hard at times but worth the effort to feel good when you wake up each morning” – Female, 53 (Mother and Grandmother)


Migraines, Trying to get rid of post-children weight
After 30 Days… “I am in week 6 this week and I am loving the program. Have even taken it with me on a family trip to Perth with my 2 and 5 year old. I haven’t had a migraine in 6 weeks since starting the program and have lost 6kg! I am loving the recipes and finding the variety so nice from my usual basic diet of the same recipes each week!” – Female, 35 (Mother to a 2 & 5 yr old)


Digestive issues, Cravings, Post-Pregnancy Weight
After 56 Days… “I loved doing the gut rebalancing protocol- once I did the prep before starting I found it easy to follow the protocol- I religiously stuck to it for the first 4 weeks and had some great results- lost weight was less bloated had more energy and didn’t crave the bad foods which was my main reason for doing the plan in the first place. The next 4 weeks I think I indulged a little 2 much on the sourdough bread and that so restated the protocol again to kick the cravings for good. Some days were tough combating the sugar withdrawals but perseverance and determination and it’s all worth it ” – Female, 32 (Breastfeeding, 6mth old)


Eczema, Overweight
After 56 Days… “I did really well on the protocol & completed it the first time just prior to Christmas. I lost around 8kg & my skin is 85% better than it was. I feel lighter, healthier & am very happy that I was recommended to see you. I am still continuing on my health journey, Thanks for all that you do.” – Female, 49 (Mother to 2 grown up children)


Osteoarthritis, Overweight
After 7 Days… “Biggest noticeable change is my mood. Happy, relaxed positive…finding parking spaces easily at the shops. Lol. Craving for unhealthy snacks AND alcohol gone. A couple of kilos shed. No Tramadol (pain medication) needed for joint pain. Knowledge to take on my overseas holiday…priceless” – Female, 53


Hay fever, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Psoriasis, Poor sleep
After 56 Days… “I came to Natalie with a handful of Health issues. Daily hay fever – eyes stinging, congested, phlegm, mucous in throat – happening any time of the year. I also had constant bloating and a Nauseous feeling after meals, in fact I’ve had it since I was a child. I had psoriasis and itching that really bothered me. And finally, I slept really badly. Now… NO hayfever, NO bloating, NO nauseous feeling, NO psoriasis or itching and much better sleep.  I have learnt so much, I just wish I knew this years ago. I now know what keeps me healthy. Thank you so much Natalie.” – Female, 73 (Mother & Grandmother)


Menopause symptoms, Overweight
After 56 Days… “With the Protocol…I have found not only have I felt better, slept better, skin is so much brighter and lost 5kg,  being menopausal I think this is a huge achievement…nothing else has assisted me with my symptoms …Your advice has been invaluable! Much appreciated Nat! Xx” – Female, 52