Gut Rebalancing Protocol Results
This could be YOU, what are you waiting for?

Overweight, High Blood Pressure, Low Energy, Acid Reflux, Poor sleep, Allergies… Male, 40. Washington State, USA

After 1-mth (started Jan, 2021) …There are some really nice successes to share from my experience…  8.2 kg down, Waist is 11cm less, Acid reflux is GONE (I was using protein pump inhibitors AND sodium bicarb chewables nearly daily), Less brain fog and more energy, Motivation has a significant improvement, Mood is definitely brighter, lighter, and much more even. What’s the output of all of those things? My to-do lists are getting completed much more regularly, my relationship with my husband is improving (I’m easier to communicate/coexist with), I’m much more resilient when things do not go as planned, and I prioritize myself much more often and am learning to accept that as normal and necessary. Interesting to note, food wasn’t mentioned once in my note above. It never seemed noteworthy to point out and I think that speaks to this as a lifestyle change, not a diet”

Severe Digestive Cramps, Back Pain, Mental Health Distress, Overweight, Lethargy … Female, 24. Perth, Australia

After 6-mths… 🥳 I am so incredibly happy with how far I have come with my health… from having significantly low energy, experiencing frequent bouts of stress and low moods, as well as carrying extra weight that I was unhappy with, I am now feeling more vibrant and healthier than ever!  I was really focused on losing weight and the food aspect of the program and while I am happy (of course) with 16cm off my waist & 10kg down and now feeling and looking amazing it was the Lifestyle prescription in the GRP that actually transformed my life!  I feel more equipped to manage my stress, and implement strategies to alleviate and prevent chronic conditions that I previously experienced – such as the lower abdominal pain. From having consistent back and joint pain to nothing now is amazing. I am so grateful for everyone that has been in the group who has supported me to get me to where I am now with my health, but especially to Nat for all of her guidance – and blatant honesty throughout this journey. You have been incredibly insightful and helped to understand that it is absolutely NOT just the food that I needed to address in my life, but all the other lifestyle factors that were impacting my health. I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve taught me. This protocol has not only changed my health and wellbeing, but it has inspired me to shift my career path towards studying Nutritional Medicine – something that I struggled with during my teen years, having a complicated relationship with the food I ate, I am now inspired to support other people to navigate these issues and establish a healthy relationship with their bodies. I have valued this journey so much, and appreciate all of the hard work you have put into this for our benefit ❤

Fibromyalgia, Hashimotos, Chronic Fatigue, Migraines, Waist-line weight, Overweight … Female, 40 (4 kids, 18, 17, 11 & 7) Texas USA

Start…“I’ve been fatigued as long as I can remember! I have been tired and unwell so long, I have built up walls. I have also had pain since my early 20s and I have been prone to depression, and had a pretty serious bout”

After 2-mths… here I am feeling so good!! I just have this feeling of peace and calm and happiness. I have energy when I wake up, and get through the day easily, instead of dragging myself through it. I’m sleeping so well and just overall feel great! 9cm off my waist and now have a healthy waist-line and effortlessly lost 13lbs (6kg). From my back hurting everyday, with headaches, neck pain and stiffness to very little pain is a miracle 🙂

After 6-mths… “I can’t believe I finally made it! It was not all sunshine and roses, but I feel so, so much better than I did when I started. I was exhausted and in pain. I didn’t know what it was like to wake up refreshed and energetic. I have felt unwell since at least high school. To wake up ready to go and face the day, able to accomplish all I need to most days without exhaustion, pain, and brain fog, is just like a miracle. To not be constantly craving certain foods (particularly sweets!) is something I never thought could happen. I lost 7 kg and 10 cm from my waist, and feel so happy with where my weight and shape are now. I don’t feel constantly overwhelmed by daily life, and when I do start to feel that way, or stressed in any way—I know how to deal with it quickly so it doesn’t affect me like it used to. I am so thankful for finding this program (thank you, Corinne, for featuring Nat on your podcast and helping others to find her!) and the life-changing effect it’s had on me and my family.”

Excessive (pungent) Flatulence, Waist-line increase … Female, 60 (2 grown up kids) N.S.W. Australia

After 2-mths… ” I feel great! Every goal I came here for has been achieved. Tick, tick and tick. I didn’t know, however I was going to get so much more. Almost forgot to mention the food. Can’t believe how many delicious meals I’ve eaten. Things I would have thought were too tricky for me or just wouldn’t have chosen to eat. Amazing! I’m a work in progress as we all are, but I like where I’m at now. Thanks Nat and girls!”

After 6-mths… ” Wow!! First of all, I’m so thankful to you, Nat. You’re amazing. You helped me each and every step of the GRP journey. I promise I didn’t mean to ask questions or whinge on weekends or public holidays but still you answered and helped me through. I can’t imagine the amount of effort and hard work that’s gone into GRP! I achieved all my goals but got more than I ever thought I would. I am learning to embrace calm. To ‘drop the rope’, let go, feel it slip gently out of my hand and breathe deeply into any knots forming in my chest. Then enjoying the feeling of those knots disappearing. Thanks Michael (resident change consultant) that’s a gem! For years I thought I had IBS, gluten intolerance or maybe FODMAPs, but I had a sick microbiome. Not any longer. The food. I have enjoyed so many different foods and love the recipes! I feel I have a whole lot of new friends here in GRP. You’ve also helped me through these last few months to make those changes that were needed! I’m strong, healthy and happy which is pretty cool when you’re 60!”

Osteoarthritis in toe, Poor sleep, Low energy, Digestive Issues … Female, 54 (2 grown up kids) Vanuatu

After 6-mths… ” What a journey it has been. I am so happy to report that my energy levels have improved beyond recognition and I am now sleeping so soundly. I feel and look more vibrant, my skin looks less lined and eyes are brighter, dark circles are less obvious. I am maintaining my ideal weight whilst eating delicious food and am really enjoying a more gentle and relaxed exercise programme without having to flog myself at the gym. My big toe used to ache daily and now it is only occasionally. I am supercharged with knowledge and resources to continue the journey. A huge thanks to Nat and to all of the GRP members for your support and encouragement along the way”

HRT dependent, Pain, Sleep disturbances, Weight increase, High Cholesterol, Excessive flatulence … Female, 59 (3 grown up kids) Perth, Australia

After 2-mths… “The results that I am seeing don’t lie, and doing this goes against everything I thought I knew! I have lost cm’s, no cramps, stiffness in neck. I’m sleeping so well, no waking with pain. And so much less stressed and apt to worry. That’s been a HUGE improvement. Bring on the next part of the protocol!!Thank you Nat”

After 6-mths…Well, 6 months has simply flown by and I am at the end of the implementation phase. What have I achieved? I’ve lost more weight than I even thought possible. I am to around where I was when I got married 39 years ago, I’ve lost centimetres from everywhere. I sleep like a “good baby” in Nat’s words. I have NO aches and pains, taken not one tablet.  Stopped my HRT completely so actually take no medication at all. For anything. I’ve learnt so much about my body and how it works and what triggers reactions. All in all, thank you so much Nat, for putting this protocol together, being here for us and also holding us to account. You are a total legend and have changed my life 💖, through my health 

Overweight, High Cholesterol, Skin issues, Sleep issues, Anxiety … Female, 43 (3 kids, 13, 10 & 7) Scotland, United Kingdom

After 2-mths… “I have been vegetarian for nearly 25-yrs however cannot believe what I have achieved here.  I have lost over 40cm which is great as well as weight loss too. I continue to gain knowledge and understanding of what is good for me, my environmental factors and how to try and relax. I didn’t think I had a problem with handling stress when I started this programme but my eyes have been opened to show how much of an impact this has on my body. I continue to grow and learn and despite me initially thinking I’d be “sorted” in a few weeks, I am now accepting that for me this journey will take as long as it needs and is not something I can force. Love the insights I have had on this programme!”

After 6-mths ” This has been and continues to be an amazing journey. It’s been tough at times and I’ve slipped up a few times too. However every single day I get better at this, the more I live this way the more natural it is. My gut microbiome is growing every single day too and also gets stronger all the time. I have learned more than I ever expected to. It’s not just the food – it’s a lifestyle and I have had lots more value out of this than I ever expected. I am so conscious now of other aspects eg my skin microbiome, oral microbiome etc. In terms of me – I feel more confident, more self assured and able to cope with all sorts of stuff much much better than before. I have lost weight, lost inches and unbelievably now seem to be getting some tone in my legs which is s shock! My skin is in much better condition and I feel in control of my life. I have lost 20cm from my waist, 9kg, have much better sleep. I love this programme. I am really proud to be a GRP Alumni and have the continued access and support to all of the resources – I will never go back to my previous way of life.  Nat coached me through some difficult moments and was with me every step of the way, her passion, dedication and commitment to this way of life is very inspiring and this is what sets this programme apart from others. Thank you so much Nat”

Hypothyroid, Overweight, Bad digestion, Constipation, Tired/Lethargic… Female, 40 (3 kids – 2, 5 & 7) Perth, Australia

“I had some pretty big goals when starting out with Natalie… to give my body the chance to heal itself from Hypothyroid, have TSH will within normal levels and have antibodies reduced significantly, to have an abundance of energy, sleep well, lose weight, improve digestion and be back to my pre-pregnancy weight”

After 2-mths… “I have enjoyed a newfound calmness; energy levels went from consistently low to very good and even throughout the day. From disrupted sleep to sleeping quite deeply, and 15.5kg down and back to my pre-pregnancy weight with eating the most delicious food ever (cannelloni sent me to heaven 😍) and never ever feeling hungry! I love how easy and predictable my bowel movements are now and really happy about all the digestive processes. It is so nice to feel lighter, healthier and stronger, to have clothes fitting again, to have people tell me how my skin is glowing”

After 6-mths “and I’m sooooo pumped! Got called back to my GP today to discuss my blood test results which revealed that my TSH went from 10.82 (normal range is 0.4-4.0) TSH tested 5.9! Still a bit high but that’s a huge drop for me! On meds previously I never came that low. My free T3 was 3.3 (normal range was set at the time 3.5-6.5, has changed on the new form to 3.0-5.5 🤷‍♀️) and now is in normal range now of 3.8. I’m so grateful to you Nat, I feel so positive that with all the amazing support from you and the knowledge you share(d). Excited to see what the future brings” 

Heartburn/Reflux (medications for 20yrs), Weight gain, Bloating, Low Energy, Low Iron… Female 35 (Married) Perth, Australia

Client had been whole food plant-based for 6 years but still had several long-standing gut complaints and health issues.

After 2-mths…“I can’t even tell you how my life has changed!!! While I’ve had some setbacks I’ve also had some amazing results all the way through. I have ZERO heartburn (!!!) and stopped taking my PPI and haven’t looked back😍 and I’m able to digest/tolerate many foods now that I couldn’t before. I can finally feel my good gut flora starting to celebrate!!  I’ve stopped obsessing over weight loss and focused more on how I feel 🥰 a healthy gut will maintain a healthy weight”. In relation to skin… “I swear by all that is holy that I’ve seen wrinkles actually disappear on this protocol!!! The lines between my brows are gone (no more Botox needed!!) and the lines around my mouth have diminished; I feel like Benjamin button 👶🏼

After 6-mths…“My energy levels have multiplied – I feel like I’m on the best kind of high imaginable, a little energizer bunny who is focused and motivated and getting things done. I’ve come off my hormone replacement (just before the protocol) and all my symptoms I’ve had for the last few years are gone! Brain fog, bloating, mood swings, fatigue…. I’m just blown away. I went to my GP and did blood tests and my iron is much better now than it has been previously on daily 100mg iron supps, now on nothing, so this is a huge win!! 😁 I still can’t believe it. I wasn’t sure how much the protocol could help me, I felt I’d tried it all. I feel amazing and absolutely love the food I’m eating.  Thank you Nat for this protocol, all your research, and all your support. I feel so positive on my journey now and can feel the difference in every aspect of my life ❤️  

Chronic fatigue, Digestive issues, Anxiety, Brain fog, Semi-regular Cold sores… Female 34. Victoria, Australia

After 6-mths…I’ve done a lot to get my health back on track since having autoimmune diseases & Lyme back in 2014 and while I was getting better & recovering GRP has definitely taught me that you don’t need to take supplements to regain your health. Food is definitely your medicine along with managing your stress, having a lifestyle that serves your body & putting yourself first always. Can’t thank you enough Nat for your support, wisdom & guidance on this journey 🙏💕

Severe IBS, Constipation, Tired/Lethargic, Bulimic, Acid Reflux, Mostly Vegan … Female, 26. San Francisco, USA

After 6-mths… “When I started this journey, I suffered from IBS for 2+ years. I was constantly sluggish, bloated, irritable, and just didn’t feel like myself. It was really difficult to eat anything without feeling terrible afterwards and I would often go days or sometimes over a week without passing a BM. Within a few weeks of following the GRP plan, I reversed nearly all of these symptoms. Now, over 2 months later, I wake up hungry and energized most mornings. I eat normal meals and look forward to eating. Best of all, I have a normal BM every day. I’ve been able to eat quantities of food I never thought my stomach would be able to handle. I still sometimes struggle with feeling hungry when I wake up or throughout the day, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed learning to listen to my body and make daily or weekly adjustments based on how I’m feeling. I now feel like I have the tools to deal with difficult situations when they arise, rather than just feeling terrible and not knowing how to fix it. Thank you for all of your support!”

Obese (life long battle), Depression,  Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Low Iron… Female 35 (trying to get pregnant) Perth, Australia

After 2-mths…“Feeling so much happier/positive and upbeat. So very proud of the effort I’ve been putting in to make this work, it’s giving me confidence in other areas in believing I can achieve other goals I’ve set for myself. I’ve lost 13kgs and nearly below 80cm waist which is one of my goals. Loving being able to fit into old clothes I’ve been hanging onto for years and being more comfortable moving around. All in all it’s been difficult and triggering for me at times but just look where this has all led.”

After 6-mths…
I’m pregnant!!! I look and feel sooo much better than when I started. Better mood, easier to move around, sometimes even my skin is better. I have the energy to come home from work and walk the dog, cook a meal and even do some housework (where as before I would just sit on the couch until bed time most work days). I have the motivation to complete some of the many tasks I have started over the years, which makes for less overwhelm and stress. My life has changed in so many ways, no more antidepressants, feeling joy and confidence again, being more comfortable in my body. Not to mention all I have learned about healthy eating and how good it can taste. I have lost 16kg, 20cm off my waist and much better digestion that I know how to take care of. I have learnt how important stress management is and taking time out to look after me. I feel I’m ready to continue these changes for life to maintain this level of health and wellbeing armed with all I have learned on the GRP journey”

Lethargy, Overweight, Anxiety, Achilles Tendonitis, Crippling Back Spasms, Digestive Issues, Poor Skin Condition… Female 37 (3 kids, 2, 5 & 7) Perth, Australia

After 4-mths…“I am pretty chuffed with my results 😊 In total, I have lost 13kg and 10cm from my waist. The really positive changes have been that I no longer experience any pain (NO pain associated with tendonitis and NO crippling lower back spasms). This is big as I use to experience pain and aches everyday making it difficult to walk and move freely. Now that my pain has gone I have more energy to focus on my family. I feel that I can be more present with my kids/husband as I don’t have the pain pulling me from the present back into my own head (does this make sense to anybody??) I feel really in control of my eating at the moment which is a nice change as before the protocol I was ruled by sugar cravings and was a chronic emotional eater! I look forward to starting the Implementation phase.  Thanks for keeping me on track, Nat💚

After 1-mth…
“With 3 kids (7, 5 & 2 yrs old) the meal plans (and shopping lists) make shopping so much easier and this eliminates a lot of stress (no more wondering what to buy. I have lost 6.2kg and feeling more energised and more stable. I am feeling a lot less stressed now that I know what I’m eating every day. The fact that I wake up and know that I’m only going to eat nourishing food (which is all in my cupboards/fridge) is a good feeling. Overall, I feel my general mood has improved and I’m feeling less anxious especially in regards to my work (I use to feel really anxious the day before I had to work and this would effect (sic) my sleep. I haven’t really experienced any heartburn since starting the protocol (only once, early on) and been waking up with a flat stomach. My Achilles Tendonitis pain has mostly cleared up. Overall, I am feeling much better mentally and physically. I’m loving living a life not ruled by binging on sugar and wine to get me through. I’m looking forward to experiencing more improvement, especially with my hair and skin”

Unfortunately, even with so many amazing results this client didn’t continue with the Protocol and shift her gut into a new steady state which is essential for life-long changes. 

Overweight, Excessive Menstrual bleeding and Pain, Rosacea, Anxiety, Poor sleep… Female, 38 (3 kids – 15 & 5 yr old twins) New Zealand

After 1-mth… “After only two weeks of being on the GRP I had a period where the pain was about 40-50% better than usual. I was quite nervous about not being able to take ibuprofen but as it turns out the pain was quite manageable with only a heat pack 👍🏻 My sleep has improved! It wasn’t one of my areas of concern but now I see how bad it actually was and that I probably wasn’t getting much restorative sleep. I no longer wake multiple times for the loo and don’t wake at every little noise and most of the time sleep right through unless woken up by one of the kids. My weight has come off nicely, loss of 6.9 kgs and my waist 11.5 cm down. So I’m feeling a lot lighter and fitting into some old clothes again. Very happy with the results so far. I think the biggest lesson I’ve learnt but still working on is stress management. I already knew how important it was I guess but didn’t make the time to do much about it. My goal for Phase 2 is to make that even more of a priority”

After 6-mths… “Feeling really good! Feeling so much lighter, less anxious and stressed and my rosacea has improved also 😀 I know there is much more improvement to come and I’m really looking forward to it. Almost reached my goal weight of 60kgs (got to 60.5kgs) but not too concerned as I’m pre-menstrual so thinking that may have bumped it up ever so slightly. Saw the doctor yesterday (NOT due to health concern but to update forms) and he was pretty impressed with how I was looking and said the improvement in my rosacea is a good indication that hormones are balancing so was pretty thrilled with that. I have thorough enjoyed the learning aspect of this protocol and I’m excited for implementation phase. I have lost 30-cm from my waist and I am feeling really good In comparison to where I started. Going to the beach and swimming with the kids with heaps of energy (that was my big goal) and it feels so good to get here.  My energy is great, my weight has gone back to my natural weight and my hormonal issues continue to improve. This has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I have learnt so much and it has improved my health and my family’s health so much already. I know things will continue to improve and I’m looking forward to more results. Thanks, heaps, for the education and support. I am so glad to have found your help and I can’t thank you enough. P.S. I can only imagine the hours of work you’ve poured into this whole thing (and continue to). Everything is so well organised and presented making it as easy as possible to follow and to have access to this much knowledge and your advice 24/7 is incredible 🙂 💛😃.”

Psoriasis, Extra weight, Excessive bloating, Constipation, Poor sleep, Constant feeling of being ‘on edge’… Female, 41 (2 kids – 4 & 6) Perth, Australia

After 2-mths… Natalie really knows her stuff.  No matter what questions you throw at her, she has a well-researched and logical answer.  No ulterior motives (like some people have, trying to sell you things like supplements) – and no bullshit.  She tells it like it is – and I love it.  I can’t recommend the protocol highly enough.  It DOES require change, and a little effort – but like any habit, once you have truly formed it, it becomes your normal.  I just wish I had started sooner!”

After 6-mths… “At the completion of the protocol, I felt so much better.  I had lost 5kg of the extra weight, my psoriasis and dermatitis were about 75% better, and my sleep was amazing. The constipation resolved (thank goodness, as it was painful), bloating also subsided considerably and continues to improve as I stick with this new lifestyle.  An unexpected ‘perk’ from the protocol has been the underlying level of calm that I feel.  People at work comment that I seem like I am in a ‘Zen state’!”

Night sweats, Overweight, Itchy skin, Lower back pain… Female, 49 (2 kids, 18 & 21) Perth, Australia

After 1-mth… “Learned so much through this month! Loving the protocol and the new experiences it’s opening to me. The fragrant spices, the delicious recipes and sleeps without night sweats! Every day I wake up looking forward to feeling even better. I’ve lost 7kg and back to a healthy BMI! I also have experienced NO lower back pain!” 

After 6-mths… Back to a healthy waist measurement of 79cm and weight down 8.8kg. “I feel calm and in control. Love the progress of no blood stained sheets (and clothes) and also not having to cover up unsightly scratched rashes. I’ve gone to a new level of sleep and it’s sublime. With Mood and Stress I am going from strength to strength.”

Nasal Congestion for 10yrs (tried EVERYTHING but nothing has worked),  Those last 5kgs to lose, General feeling of lethargy… Female, 38 (3 kids – 15mths, 5 & 8) Perth, Australia

After 2-mths… “I have done it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Nasal congestion best it’s ever been, 5kg down and incredible skin and energy. I am too busy walking on clouds to respond! I have never ever ever set out a goal and smashed it! Xx” – 

After 6-mths… “Well what can I say GRP – you have changed my life. Natalie Woodman — no one has inspired me for years like you have”

Overweight, Mood Swings, No energy, Digestive Issues, High Cholesterol… Female, 52 (1 kid – 18) Perth, Australia

After 6-mths… “I can’t ever remember ever feeling this way. 19kg down, gone from size 16 to size 10 all while eating the most delicious food ever and as much as I want. Waist measurement from a dangerous 100cm to a healthy 78cm. Blood tests confirm – Cholesterol down from 6.7 to 4.4 and liver inflammation gone with GGT & ALT (liver) levels going from HIGH to NOW in normal range!!  Energy levels great and mood has gone from ‘shut down’ mode with stressful events to managing everything excellently. Aches and pains gone, Digestion spot on. So happy” 

IBS, Fatigue, Pain… Female, 47 (4 kids – 8, 12, 13 & 15) Perth, Australia

After 6-mths… “With 4 kids and working… now have all the skills to have a healthy meal on the table.  Stiffness in lower back GONE. Able to switch off and fall asleep, and have a GOOD sleep, More energy – Not feeling tired until bedtime, Calmer,  No bloating anymore,  No urgency, Clear skin with no dryness, No cravings, Feeling in control and happy”

Overweight, Lethargic, High Cholesterol, Digestive Issues, Aches and Pains… Female, 47 (4 kids – 12, 14, 16 & 19) Perth, Australia

After 6-mths… “With a busy life, 4 kids and working… this has been SO easy, a life-changer. Where to start?? Ok, here goes – 14kg down, Waist measurement from 97cm to 80cm, Total Cholesterol has gone from 6.5 to 4.3 and Triglycerides are down to an acceptable level, no gas, bloating,  feeling really energetic, waking up feeling alert and alive and ready to face the day, aches and pains have reduced by 80% and if I have soreness, its usually because I have been at work and hunched over a computer for too long.  So basically the protocol has changed my life. I feel like I am in charge now and I won’t ever let myself treat myself and my body with anything but respect. I cannot believe that all the things that defined me before, big drinker, sweet tooth etc, are not even on the radar anymore. I feel normal again”

Crohn’s Disease, Chronic Digestive Issues… Female, 28.  Brisbane, Australia

After 6-mths… “Before I started the Gut Rebalancing Protocol my quality of life was significantly impaired. I cannot tell you how much money, how many supplements and how many fixes I have tried over the years. Sometimes there was a change for the better, but never a consistent good change. I didn’t know anything about the Gut Microbiome or the term ‘dysbiosis’ until I heard about Natalie and her work. All I can say is that I no longer have any pain, symptoms or the chronic issues I had. With changing what and how I eat, and therapeutic probiotics, I finally have a life. Thank you, thank you, thank you Natalie for creating this amazing protocol”

Overweight, Lacking Energy, Poor Sleep… Female 41 (3 kids – 10, 13 & 15)  Perth, Australia

After 6-mths… “Simply put… You’re Awesome! Discovering Nat’s Protocol was one of the best discoveries of my life apart from my dry shampoo!  No really!! From the first information session about how my body actually uses food to fuel my body and how I was sabotaging my eating to following through with the Protocol to the letter.   I have learned a lot about nutrition. I had put on around 10kg after my husband was diagnosed with brain cancer.  The shock of this experience led me down a path that I was not strong enough to control other terrible habits that became normal.  I wasn’t looking after myself, instead I concentrated all of my emotion and efforts into my husband’s treatment and our 3 children’s well-being.  I didn’t sleep well and to be honest, thinking about looking after myself seemed like a ridiculous waste of time and energy.  However, my weight increased my sleep was not at all beneficial and I grabbed the easiest meals I could find – comfort food and wine.  It goes without saying that I was an emotional disaster.

I had no idea how much Nat’s protocol was going to repair the damage I had caused.  I had so many “aha” moments during the information session!  I threw myself into the Protocol without looking back.  It was time for me to get back on track and as they say: “I’m no good to my family if I’m no good!”  Or something like that.  I realized that I needed to concentrate on myself a bit to be able to manage my family no matter what happened next in our family.

I loved the fact that I could eat as much as I wanted from the protocol!  I think that appealed to me the most.  I don’t like being told that I can’t have more when something is tasty.  And, the food is SO tasty. And the recipes are so versatile that you can the whole family can eat the same (so no extra cooking), I just added in a few other things ‘extras’ for kid’s and husband. I started to feel the benefits within the first week.  Yes, there are tough moments, but as soon as I had a work friend not recognize me from behind (WTF) I knew I was doing well.  I’ve lost nearly 8kg!! The weight dropped off. I now feel empowered about my choices. I would tell anyone who struggles with weight, energy or even just poor diet just how much you Nat has motivated me and how anyone could do the same” 

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) for 20 years… Female, 53.  N.S.W. Australia

After 6-mths… “I was extremely hesitant about embarking on any changes with my diet as I have been on a low FODMAP diet for many years. When I went to one of Natalie’s talks she explained that while Low FODMAP (or even strict FODMAP) can be helpful in the short-term (max 6-wks), unfortunately the lack of variety (prebiotics) could in fact make my condition worse. As my condition hadn’t really gotten much better (I still had so many intolerances and flare ups) I decided to start the Protocol. Trust me, I was very nervous about doing so but after just 28-days…I could already notice a marked improvement. Then finally, I no longer get triggered with food. But more than this I have learnt so much through the podcasts and library about how to take care of me and my gut health forever. Not to mention the huge recipe library I have. Natalie, thank you so much. And for anyone worried or scared about doing this, don’t be.” 

Type 2 Diabetes, Overweight, Lethargy… Female, 68 (3 kids – 30, 32, 35. And 5 Grandchildren – 2, 3, 4, 6 & 7) Chicago, USA

After 6-mths…“Natalie’s Protocol would have to be the most delicious and doable prescription I have ever had. After years of restrictive diets and medications for my Diabetes, I am now free of this condition. I was told it was only manageable with medications. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. When I started to look into diet as way of helping my condition I found so much information pointing to the Gut Microbiome. I read numerous books but no-one had a complete ‘how to do’ program that also offered coaching & support. Then I discovered Natalie’s Gut Rebalancing Protocol. A step by step guide with shopping lists, meal plans and the most delicious recipes. I lost 15kg, hubby  lost 12kg (his total cholesterol is NOW in normal range from 7.5 to 4.5), I have heaps of energy and my blood results show that ALL my levels are now in healthy range. Natalie you have given me back my life and I can see a future with my grandchildren. Thank you so much”

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Aches and Pains, Adrenal Fatigue, Overweight… Female, 55 (2 grown up kids, 31 & 33 plus 2 Grandchildren) Perth, Australia

After 1-mth… “Feeling super happy this morning, not only has my mood improved but I’m sleeping much more soundly. That’s confirmed by my Fitbit – showing much improvement in deep and light sleep. Also, 7kgs lighter. Could not believe the tape measure either – 7cm off bust, 10cm off waist, 5cm off hips, biceps down 2cm and thighs both 5cm less! No wonder my mood has improved! Notice I have more energy and walking the dogs is a real pleasure when your feet don’t feel like they are stuck in clay! This brilliant protocol makes it so easy because we don’t have to think of recipes and the food is so delicious… oh, and my husband has lost 8kg!!” 💖

After 6-mths….”I had forgotten how good it feels to jump out of bed full of energy with no aches and pains – wearing proper clothes rather than baggy joggers and sweat tops because everything else was so uncomfortable. Also no sore/rawness in tummy, no bloating and gas. Temper and mood significantly improved. I’m delighted to feel like a normal human being – shame I had to wait so long to find the cure. And I wanted to share with others that this brilliant protocol makes it so easy because you don’t have to think of recipes and you know you are getting balanced nutrition in the right quantities at the right stages. Food is delicious too so it makes it so much more pleasant! How brilliant is it to never feel hungry never feel bloated or stuffed and never feel cravings for crisps, chocolate or beer!!! And one more thing… Supplement queen to supplement clean – goodbye old crutches! No longer required thank you! $1000’s of dollars wasted over the years 🙄

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Mood Swings, Exhausted… Female 35 (2 kids – Newborn & 3 yr old) Perth, Australia

After 6-mths… “So I weighed myself and I have finished at 65 kgs, I started at 79 kg. Considering my catalyst was digestive wellness and “4 – 6 kgs would be nice” I’m pretty surprised I lost 14kgs!!  It’s probably 1997 since I was that weight but to be honest I am not really sure. I feel amazing and confident. No migraines, gut wellness, great skin (hormone bumps on arms are gone); and most importantly to me by putting myself I have not put my breast feeding bub second. He is growing and developing well and ahead or achieving expected milestones – so thriving. Thank you Natalie for everything you have taught me, I’m still learning but this has been a wonderful start to a new lifestyle for us as a family.” 

After 11-mths... “With great skin, no headaches, feeling refreshed in the morning and calm in the face of 3yr old tantrums and a baby’s separation angst. Months later I am still feeling good. I am now 60.5 kgs. I never thought my true weight was ‘light weight’ 😆😂👍”

Constipation, Poor skin condition, Tired and stiff… Female, 50 (2 kids – twins 12 yrs old) Alberta, Canada

After 6-mths…“When I started I was always constipated. Now I have daily BM. Sometimes 2-3 times a day. I lost 8 pounds since I started. People have commented and asked if I lost weight. On my frame, 8 pounds is a lot and I am pretty thin. My thighs no longer touch! Energy wise I feel pretty good. No anxiety and little stress. My skin is a little dry but my face feels a little softer and I noticed that my pores are a little smaller. Since I started, I definitely notice a desire to eat good food and have almost no bad cravings. I used to crave sugar and salt, bread, chocolate, cheese etc.  NO breast tenderness that I always got with my period, and no aches, pains or stiffness”

Constipation, Poor skin condition, Tired and stiff… Female, 50 (2 kids – twins 12 yrs old) Canada

After 6-mths…“When I started I was always constipated. Now I have daily BM. Sometimes 2-3 times a day. I lost 8 pounds since I started. People have commented and asked if I lost weight. On my frame, 8 pounds is a lot and I am pretty thin. My thighs no longer touch! Energy wise I feel pretty good. No anxiety and little stress. My skin is a little dry but my face feels a little softer and I noticed that my pores are a little smaller. Since I started, I definitely notice a desire to eat good food and have almost no bad cravings. I used to crave sugar and salt, bread, chocolate, cheese etc.  NO breast tenderness that I always got with my period, and no aches, pains or stiffness”.

Ulcerative Colitis, Anxiety… Female, 48. London, United Kingdom

After 6-mths…Having had Ulcerative Colitis for years I was told that it was a long-term inflammatory bowel disease and this was just my lot in life. The doctor said I’d always experience flare-ups. I was always living in constant fear as to when my next flare-up would be. Scared of what to eat. This really affected my social life and started to make me feel so anxious and stressed. Which would then make things worse. Now after doing the GRP, I am feeling SO good, in fact better than when in my 20’s.  I had to go for a colonoscopy. I was scared as you can imagine. Then the results came back. I was FREE any signs of Ulcerative colitis. The doctor said what ever I was doing, keep doing. Natalie you have given me my life back, I will be forever grateful, thank you” 

Overweight, Hashimotos, Hypertension, Fatigue, Arthritis… Female, 74. Perth, Australia

At 74 years old I thought my health was pretty good for someone my age. It seems everyone around me has some sort of health problem so I started to think that my Hypothyroidism, high blood pressure, arthritis in my feet, knees and hands, being seriously obese with a BMI of 37.6 and constant digestion and bowel problems was the norm. I have tried diets but found them very hard to stick to. So when I heard that Natalie’s protocol was NOT a diet I thought I’d give it a try as I really didn’t have anything to lose”

After 6-mths... I am delighted with the weight I’ve lost but more delighted with how much better I feel, increased energy, clear complexion, whole body feels better so aching joints etc. gone too.   I have no cravings and my gut feels more settled and predictable.  So I really am very happy with the results and have no desire to go back to my old ways!”

IBS, Fibromyalgia, Migraines, Overweight… Female, 47. Perth, Australia

After 6-mths…“Just wanted to let you know that my IBS symptoms have eased. Yay! Loss of 5.2kg, Started with taking a migraine preventative and codeine for regular migraines and chronic daily headaches.  No more neck tension, migraine or headaches. Previously suffered with severe allergies (hayfever and cats), sneezing, congestion, sinus headaches, coughing at night, itchy eyes. Now, NO MORE hayfever symptoms other than the occasional sneeze. No coughing, itchy eyes or blocked nose. Able to sleep with cats without any allergy symptoms. Was having a couple of hot flushes per day, some cravings and skin breakouts. Now, no hot flushes for a couple of weeks, no cravings or breakouts. Thank you Natalie” 

IBS, Overweight, Look 9-mths pregnant ALL the time 😩 Female, 55. Perth, Australia

I was sick of people asking me, “When are you due?” But could understand, as I always looked 9-mths pregnant. Bloating, Gas, Pain, alternating with Diarrhea and Constipation – Sorry if it’s too much information. I had tried gut healing powders, supplements, keto diet, Fodmap diet, Autoimmune diet and while I felt better for a while, it always came back”

After 6-mths... “Well now it is gone, all my symptoms and I can eat everything. I no longer have to worry about having an IBS attack. And I lost 9.5kg!! During the protocol I learnt about the Gut Microbiome and now know that it was by fixing that that fixed my IBS. Natalie, no-one asks me “When are you due?” anymore. I couldn’t be happier. And to think it was all possible with just looking after my Gut microbes!!”

Lyme Disease… Female, 38 (2 kids) Illinois, USA

Before Starting…“I came into the Protocol (extremely) sceptical as I have tried SO MANY different treatments. But what I read about the Gut Microbiome and it’s impact on the Immune system, I thought it was worth a try, especially since I didn’t need to buy a bunch of supplements”

After 6-mths…  “Well “WOW” is all I can say.  When I started I was experiencing constant body aches and stiffness, not to mention the constant fatigue and rash and NOW I have energy to last me all day (with a couple of kids that’s a miracle) and the body aches and stiffness only happens when I push myself too much in a day (I think I am an over-achiever). My rash is fading, not completely gone, but I can see it going so I’m really happy. Honestly I cannot believe that working at the very core of my health would make such a difference and without one single supplement. And what I have learnt through the Podcasts and Gut Health library has helped me to understand how to keep my body in tip top shape forever. Natalie, I cannot express how grateful I am to you – You have given me back my life.”

Overweight, High Cholesterol… Male, 55 (3 kids – 20, 25, 28) Perth, Australia

Before Starting…“My cholesterol has been high for a number of years – 7.4 , my doctor told me that if it didn’t come down he’d want me to start medicating.  Even though we ate well at home, I didn’t eat well when at work and don’t get me started on STRESS!!!”

After 6-mths…  “I went to the doctors about a month after finishing to check my cholesterol levels. My doctor called me a few days after my results came in. He doesn’t usually call so I was worried. But his voice sounded very pleased as he told me that my levels were down to 5.1 in just that very short time. He said… “I was so surprised, I wanted to let you know right away. It seems that Natalie’s protocol is working very well for you!” he continued. “Keep it up – have a great weekend!” It felt really good to hear the news…but then I also recall that not once has my doctor ever mentioned anything about overhauling my diet and lifestyle. He did mention cholesterol controlling margarine and “more veggies”, but I’ve always eaten the veggies and would never touch margarine, so he wasn’t telling me anything really helpful.  I’m also maintaining a good 10kg less of “me” than I used to five years ago. This has allowed me to return to jogging, for example, which I used to enjoy in my 20s and 30s but sore knees had slowed me down by my mid-40s, no sore knees anymore.”

Overweight, Eczema,  Acne, Digestive issues, Anxiety, Mood swings… Female, 20.  Perth, Australia

After 6-mths… “I have seen changes that I wasn’t expecting and have learnt a lot more about my body in the process. Have lost 7.4kg and 8-9cm off my bust, waist and hips! My energy levels used to fade throughout the day. I feel now that I am not limited in energy over the last two weeks. I have been genuinely surprised by my reduction in stress and anxiety over the last two weeks, as I have still had exams, however I did not feel the weight on my chest like I used to regarding my stress. My mood swings have also subsided and I am really happy about that. My acne has cleared completely on my face and my eczema is getting better and only evident as really dry patches rather than inflamed and raised rashes. Such a massive difference to the beginning of week one. I feel great about my belly, feeling no bloat or cramps etc. I find that I am tolerating more foods now also. Have noticed NO more wheezing and only occasional sneezing. No running nose in the mornings, no coughing. I’m feeling so good and really happy with my progress.”

PCOS, Fertility Issues… Female, 36. Ontario, Canada

After 6-mths … “I have had PCOS from my early 20’s. I was told to stay on the pill as it was the only thing that could help. For the past 5-years my husband and I have been trying to conceive. I have spent thousands of dollars trying various treatments with both Complimentary and Western Medicine health professionals and still not pregnant and, to tell you the truth, was not one bit healthier either. I started reading about gut health and saw that improving it could positively impact on what Natalie referred to as my ‘fertility roadblocks’. Well I am 12-wks pregnant, I am over the moon!! But not just about being pregnant but about being so healthy. All my gut issues are GONE, I am now at healthy weight, and my headaches are a thing of the past. No-one ever mentioned food or gut health before I met Natalie. I cannot thank you enough for giving me back my life and helping me bring life into this world. I will be forever grateful.” 

Chronic Fatigue, Anxiety, Aches and Pains, Constipation & Digestive Issues… Female, 39.  Perth, Australia

After  6-mths… “I started with chronic fatigue, struggling to get out of bed before 10am. Now, a huge improvement. I wake up around 7:30/8am, feeling refreshed and with lots of energy. I don’t recognise myself anymore! I don’t feel like napping in the afternoon and am able to get so much done during the day! I started with HUGE anxiety before and I can see the anxiety levels have definitely reduced and I can think more rationally and more logically. 

I was constantly bloated and heavy and my stomach almost looked like I was pregnant! I couldn’t wear a fitted dress! Now almost completely gone!! I have never had such a flat stomach since my 20s! I feel full after dinner, but my stomach doesn’t feel heavy or bloated and I can’t remember when was the last time I needed to burp. Now this area this area is close to a miracle!!! Before, I was heavily constipated for close to 39 years of my life! Now, I go regularly every morning after my lemon blend and then again after breakfast. The amount of bowel specialists I have seen in my lifetime to only be told that it’s something I just have to live with is absolutely crazy!! Not a single one had suggested I look into the microbiome, which has now fixed a lifetime of problems in 4 weeks.

Before, I’d often wake up in the middle of the night and couldn’t go back to sleep. I used to have terrible nightmares. Now, I sleep like a good baby. No crazy dreams. Wake up around 7:30, feeling refreshed and without the alarm clock. This was basically unheard of before the protocol. Also, before, I had aches and pains all over my body, in my knees, my lower back. I felt like an old grandma. Now, I feel younger, no aches or pains, no lower back pain.”

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Acne, Digestive issues, Anxiety… Female, 24. Perth, Australia

After 4-mths… “Feeling a huge increase in energy. I haven’t any bloating at all and my skin is fabulous. I’m sleeping well but mostly the reduction in my anxiety is a huge win”

Obesity, Anxiety, Sore joints, Arthritic pain, Fatigue… Female, 54.  Perth, Australia

After 6-mths… “I cannot tell you how much better you made me feel!! I’ve spent so many years living a roller coaster of fear of food, eating far too much – NOW new beginnings are coming my way. I have lost 22kg but more than that it is all the other health benefits. Before I started, I suffered from high levels of anxiety, now I feel so much calmer and clearer in my head. No hot flushes, fluid in legs and ankles gone, sleeping well, post-nasal drip gone. Also I haven’t had to take any pain medication since starting the protocol which is a miracle. Oh and just for you women who are worried about the health of their husbands too – my husband lost over 9kg and is SO much healthier – and that was JUST from eating this way at home, I am not sure what he got up to at work 😂 And I did all of this with full-time work and travelling every 2-wks for work, proving anyone can do this if they really want to change”

2-yrs later…“Happy New Year Nat 💚 Thanks to you and all your wonderful advice I’m still 30kg down. It’s been a process, but I could never ever go back to where I was when I started your program. Thank you so much, Jacqui xxxx”

Eye Floaters, Digestive Issues, Sadness, Overweight… Female, 57  (2 kids – 29 & 31)  Perth, Australia

After 1-mth… “4.3kg lost, overall 15cm down in body measurements, I haven’t achieved the results above in such a short space of time ever! I don’t feel like I’m in a dark cloud and my energy levels are up. Considering the recent passing of my Mum I’m feeling a little more hopeful and don’t feel like I’m so lonely and fearful. My Digestion has really improved and I’m not as snuffly anymore. My hair looks thicker and nails are stronger and my skin is so much better and has cleared. But the best news is that my Eye Floaters have improved so much, this makes me so happy, beyond words, if this continues to get better, I will be on top of the world. Improving all the time, I’m keeping it up! I’m impressed by the results so far and how I’m feeling so much better.

After 6-mths… “When I started I felt really sluggish, and just like a blow fish, my pants were so tight, my waist line had red whip like marks from my clothes being too tight. Now my clothes fit just nice, not loose, but not squeezy tight! I feel so much better, just moving around I notice how light i feel like I’m walking and talking faster, just more energetic and more interested in things. No more bloating, burping, etc, etc.  I always felt full and sick and would still eat more and more and feel sick, but don’t have that yukky feeling anymore, I have control. Thanks Natalie x”

Chronic Pain, Overweight, Overwhelmed… Female, 44 (2 kids, 11 & 15) Perth, Australia

After 6-mths... “This week I hit a milestone of coming off my opioid medication! After 11 months of taking them! I’m still on nerve medication but have reduced that too! Doctor said in 3 months should be off that too! Then I will be on no more medication! I have lost 8 kilos since first weigh in! 9 cm off bust, 10.5 off waist, 17 off hips, 3 off left bicep, 4 off right bicep, 9 off left thigh, 7 off right thigh! Feeling and looking great! ” 

After 9-mths... “ Where do I start! What a journey I have had!  I still remember the way I felt when I first contacted you – I was a very broken and sad woman! Now, Wow – totally different – I am off ALL pain medication. I never would have imagined that going through this food journey with the Protocol and healing my gut would have healed me physically, mentally and made me a much stronger person too! Thank you for creating a truly amazing program! I have learned heaps and continue to do so. I will forever be grateful, with heartfelt appreciation and much love! ” 

High Levels of Stress, Anxiety, Overweight, Menopausal symptoms, Digestive Issues… Female, 61 (2 kids, 38 & 42) Perth, Australia

After 6-mths… “Very Happy – 6kg down and overall I feel so much better with an increase in energy levels. When I started I was very moody, weepy and dealing with a lot of stress out of my control which required counselling. Now I am more in control when stressful situations arise, even if the issue if something I cannot do anything about; still feel irritable but definitely calmer. No food cravings and indigestion nearly gone. I am stronger in mind and body and can deal with anything. Even under pressure cause it’s late or whatever, to cook a proper meal for the family, I just breathe and calmly put something yummy together. Everyone is happy”

Years of Yo-Yo Dieting, Anxiety, Overweight, Iron deficiency… Female, 25. Perth, Australia

After 6-mths… “7kg down and 10cm off around the waist while enjoying super delicious food and not worrying about ‘dieting’.  My energy is consistent throughout day and I am far less irritable and with a much better mood. No more cravings for sugar or carbs and I don’t rely on coffee any more to stay regular. Period has significantly reduced in length and heaviness, I am sleeping well and my skin looks a lot more bright.  I got my iron checked this week just to see where I am at. And I got good results! I am so grateful because by doing this protocol I have repaired my gut, my period has reduced sooo much and as a result of these things my iron is now stable! Thank you x” 

Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism, Pain, Low Mood, Digestive Issues… Female, 55.  Perth, Australia

After 6-mths… “Started with joint pain in my toes and foot, right hip aches and shoulder pain. I can’t believe it is ALL GONE and the stiffness is relieved. My digestive issues were indigestion, belching, bloating, gas and abdominal spasms. This has settled right down with NO heartburn. Have gone from low mood, frustrated and irritable to being more proactive than reactive and feeling SO much better. Oh, and lost 5kg and hair is growing back. Natalie, being informed has allowed me the freedom to choose wisely, thanks for all the wealth!” 

Overweight, Fatigued, Pain, General ‘Feeling under the Weather’… Female, 54 (2kids, 24 & 27) Perth, Australia

After 6-mths…  7.9kg down, 16cm off waist, Ability to let go and keep calm in the face of adversity. Night sweats GONE, Dark circles around eyes GONE, Post nasal drip GONE, Sore sinuses GONE, Hay fever GONE, Face Pigmentation almost GONE, Skin growth on face GONE, Body Odour GONE, Nagging hip pain GONE, Sensitive spine and Neck tension GONE” 

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Anxiety, Digestive and Hormonal Issues… Female, 24.  Perth, Australia

After 6-mths… “My main goal was to kick my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and other ailments associated with CFS. I used to struggle to complete daily tasks including showering, cleaning and going to the shops, all that jazz. Even having to leave full time work due to the condition. I lived in a constant state of ‘brain fog’ and could never be fully present socially or at work due to the extreme exhaustion.  Here I am and I have a ‘huge’ increase in energy and can get through 4 out of 5 days working a full-time job. An equally important goal for me was fixing my mood and extreme anxiety.  I had extreme social anxiety and avoided social situations or gatherings. This anxiety plagued my daily life.  Now I’m more comfortable in social situations, I didn’t realize food could change something like that but it’s amazing!

Another goal of mine was to get rid of my body and facial acne and pigmentation. I have been plagued with acne for over 10 years now and have spend thousands upon thousands of dollars in treatments, medications etc to fix acne. Here I am and I’m pretty much acne free, I don’t have any on my body or face right now. My acne was pretty hormonal, now I don’t get these spikes or huge cysts.

And finally I wanted to combat PMS and digestive issues. Irregular cycles, heavy flow, terrible pain and headaches, nausea that I battled at  not just ‘ that time of the month’.  I still have painful periods accompanied by some nausea however they are shorter and less heavy as before, with other symptoms gone. Also I had constant bloating and now I haven’t been bloated in a very long time. I don’t have stomach pain or reflux anymore. ” 

Post Nasal drip, Bloating, Cravings… Female, 52 (3 kids, 24, 27, 28)  Perth, Australia

After 14 Days… “Feeling really well, love the choices of food. Less bloating and more energy, post nasal drip nearly gone. Overall going good, recipes are easy to follow and if you follow the preparation it’s a breeze. Seeded crispbread a winner with everyone, have to put mine in a hiding place! No sugar cravings at all, the food fills you up. Making blueberry muffins tomorrow. And loving the ‘Food for Thought’ posts too. Knowledge is powerful”

After 6-mths…” Grateful to have found Nat as this lifestyle is now my way of life🌻 I understand that looking after my inner garden is not just a few months and you’ll be right. I have the tools and knowledge to keep my inner garden flourishing”

Hormone Imbalance, Overweight… Female,  52.  Perth, Australia

After 6-mths… “I feel amazing! I have lost weight. The main aim of doing the protocol was for my health — and I have achieved that. My periods are normal!!! No or very little bloating!, no clotting!, and no sore breasts!! The change in my periods began immediately — I have had four periods whilst being on the protocol and have not had any period pain tablets — a first in decades!! My periods are the best they have been for years and years!” 

Overweight, Anxiety, Depression… Female 58 . Perth, Australia

After 6-mths… “I have been looking forward to this day when I have to put in my report. I noticed something very subtle but huge this week. I started this protocol because intuitively I felt if I didn’t clean myself up I was going to get really ill. The exhaustion at my core was what scared me most. It felt really deep. Yesterday I noticed that had changed. There is a shift deep in my cells it feels like where it doesn’t feel so debilitating. There is more vitality; I am able to be busy all day whereas before I could only manage about 3 hours of activity in the morning. I have lost 5 kilos – I feel so much better. My emotional self is way more stable and centered. I suffer from considerably less anxiety. Irritability gone. Skin is soft now. My eyes have lost the general aches and pains that were pretty much all over my body. Bloating gone, flatulence gone. Sleep much better quality tho sometimes wake around 3’ish, but don’t stress over that like I used to and go back to sleep fairly quickly. It’s remarkable how much can change in a few months! It really is life changing stuff – I’m so heartened by this experience” 

Low Iron (12 yrs), Fatigue… Female 42 (2 kids, 7 & 12)  Perth, Australia

After 6-mths… “Overall, the protocol has been transformative to me in that:

1. It has evened out and stabilised my appetite, increased and fortified my energy levels (it has also boosted my iron levels (this was tested last month), having had a positive impact on my digestion and sleep AND

2. It has given me positivity and a general sense of wellness to look after myself better, which has boosted my confidence, a positive feedback loop which keeps going, i.e. I now no longer feel constantly fatigued, and as a result, I have more positivity around my health.” 

High Cholesterol, Digestive Issues … Female 63 (2 adult kids) Warwickshire, United Kingdom

Reporting in a Year after finishing the Protocol… “I have just had my cholesterol blood test results and the result is…“All good and no need for medication”. Yay 👊. The last tests indicated I had very high levels, 8.5, and was put on statins immediately. After 2 years on statins and feeling full of aches, pains and stiffness I stopped taking them a year ago. I’m now enjoying life without all that. Thanks to the GRP 🙏 I started the protocol nearly 1 year ago and can honestly say it works. I can’t guarantee I’m not going off piste (over the reservation) ever again but I know the effects if I do and have the skills to bring it back. I know you will say I have done all the hard work to achieve this state of well-being but without your initial groundwork and support I wouldn’t be where I am today. I’m eternally grateful to you, Natalie, as is my husband who is also on board. And I love the virtual clinic, although I’m 10,000 miles away from you, in the UK. I feel connected and supported. 😊” 

Overweight, Digestive Issues, No Energy… Male, 38. Perth, Australia

After 6-mths… “I have lost 8.5 kg my measurements are shrinking also, energy levels and mental clarity are just superb, still sleeping like a dead log so really enjoying that. Also doing more exercise wise. Overall really happy”

Ankylosing Spondylitis, Reflux, Irritable Bowel Syndrome… Male, 40 (2 kids, 3 & 7) Perth, Australia

After 6-mths… “For 20 years I’ve had Upper back pain – intermittent pain in hands, legs and eyes and taken a Panadeine forte for back pain. I’ve had none for 6-wks and the pain is gone. I have had chronic IBS for years and it is now 70% better. But the most amazing is that I have had reflux for 20yrs – every single day – and taken a Quickeze (everyday) and Zantac (1-2x a week) but now I’ve had a 70% improvement and if I do get it, it is quickly relieved with Ginger tea”

Stress, Anxiety, Depression… Female 44 (2 kids, 6 & 8)  Perth, Australia

After 6-mths… “I am over the moon to have finally found an awesome protocol for my gut health!!! Thank you, Natalie, for putting together all the fantastic information about food/stress and the gut. I just LOVE it. After seeing Naturopaths and using a lot of supplements whom thought “Yeh your diet is OK”, I LOVE the fact that Natalie is so passionate and driven by food and lifestyle in connection with the Gut Microbiome. The protocol is an awesomely organised way to keep my nutrition on track (which I really needed) making it so simple to follow working full-time with 2 young children.  It finally feels like I am actually doing something to move towards a happy healthier body. I really love reading the posts from the group and find it inspiring and comforting to have others around going through the same process. So much information that it has let me continue on the same foods even after finishing the protocol. The first time a way of eating has made such an impression to enable me to continue after the fact”

Perimenopause Symptoms, Overweight, Indigestion… Female , 55 (2 Grown up children) Perth, Australia

After 2-wks… “I’m feeling great – I said goodbye to indigestion. I don’t have any cravings and hardly think about food other than at meal times. But the most positive change by far is my weight is with eating SO much my weight is down, this is very encouraging”.

After 6-mths…“I’m feeling great – my new normal’ is exhilarating. I fall asleep quickly & usually sleep soundly, my whole digestion system is functioning well & best of all no indigestion. I have lost 11-kilos (10cm’s off my waist) and feel amazing and the highlight of the past few weeks is that my ankles have returned. Due to bloating & being on my feet for most of my work days/nights my ankles had almost become “cankles”, but not anymore. I was leaning over doing up some very high strappy shoes the other night & did it with ease – the last time I attempted this I had to hold my breath as my stomach was pushing up into my lungs & I couldn’t breath. Life is so much easier & I feel so much happier now.”

Atopic Dermatitis, Anxiety, Poor sleep, PMS, Overweight… Female, 43 (3 kids, 16, 20 & 24) Perth, Australia

After 6-mths … “My wins include 10 kg weight loss, sleeping is improving (thank goodness😊), no premenstrual symptoms, no muscle cramping and dermatitis is manageable and not consuming my every thought and action”

High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Overweight, Osteoarthritis… Female 63 (Mother and Grandmother ) Perth, Australia

After 6-mths … “It has been quite the learning curve. It’s been so simple that I even stuck to the plan whilst on a cruise to New Zealand. Before I started, I had a few issues such as thick mucus in my throat for the last couple of years, coughing a lot in my sleep at night, diagnosed fatty liver, high cholesterol and a lot of inflammation in my joints (osteoarthritis). I am so ever grateful to Natalie for getting me started and on track. I knew she would be a “no bullshit” person, but that was what I needed to have someone kick me in the behind. Blood pressure normal from super high to 121/82; the mucus was gone after week 3; coughing has stopped, I have lost almost 8 kgs and 11 cms off my waist. Blood tests show inflammation GONE and Cholesterol has gone right down from 7.3 to 4.8. I no longer have any aches and pains and no need for Osteoarthritis pain relief. Thank you, Natalie, so much. My journey has not ended, but just started ”

One year later… “My husband and I have learnt so much and our health has improved no end”

Overweight, Digestive Issues… Female, 46.  Perth, Australia

After 6-mths… “Really pleased with the results I’ve achieved, having lost 11 kgs and improving my gut health. My friends have told me that the weight loss and change in my body shape is really noticeable. They’ve also been really supportive of what I’m going for my health, which has been a great help. We used to go to dinner to catch up, but now we do other things like going for a walk.  My sleep is still a work is progress, but this has nothing to do with the protocol, and more about me developing a consistent bed time routine. The protocol has given me the tools to continue my journey to good health. Thank you Natalie for developing this fantastic program, it is a credit to you !!!. It’s comprehensive and very easy to follow, because you’ve done all the hard work in providing the menu and the associated shopping list each week. There is nothing to think about except remembering to take the shopping list with you!! The food is full of flavour, which was the key to me completing it successfully. The protocol is worth every cent of the investment that everyone should make towards their health”

Extreme Fatigue, Overweight, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)… Female, 51 (2 kids, 23 & 29) Perth, Australia

After 6-mths... “I can’t remember a time that I wasn’t fatigued and bloated, no energy… headaches… overweight with recently diagnosed as pre-diabetic. I wanted to feel better and get back to being fit and healthy. The Gut Rebalancing Protocol gave me that start as it guided me with meal plans and recipes. After 4 weeks I lost 5.8kg, have no headaches, bloating is gone and I have so much energy. A lot of people tell me I am looking good and have lost weight. I’m a walking recommendation for your program!”

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Graves disease, Multiple Stomach Issues… Female, 28. Perth, Australia

After 7 Days... “Wow Natalie, for years I have had Stomach Issues and seen so many different doctors, none of which have ever provided me with as much insight as your Digestive Dominoes Podcast. Thank you!” 

Unfortunately even though this client was getting amazing results, after 2-wks she pulled out of the Protocol and said… “Thanks, I’m done, thanks for fixing me”. I encouraged her to stay telling her that while she had amazing results that it actually takes 6-mths to shift the her ‘gut’ into a new steady state (as I had originally told her) and gave her the option to re-join the program. She declined saying she didn’t have the time. One year later, she emailed me saying that all her issues were back and WORSE. When given the option of re-joining she said… “No, I don’t have the time, I just need a quick fix”

Skin issues, Overweight … Female, 29. Perth, Australia

After 6-mths… “The program is life changing. I really like the fact that you feel the difference with in a week. I feel very light and full of energy. The meals are delicious and very filling. My face that had a lot of acne has cleared up.  The main difference has been weight loss and clearer skin.”


Graves’ Disease (Full thyroidectomy), Digestive Issues, Insomnia… Female, 33  (Mother to 3yr old and newborn) Started the Protocol at 20 wks pregnant – Perth, Australia.

After 6-mths… “Without going on and on, I’m just going to let everyone know that the protocol works, and I’ve tried LOTS of things. So because of that, Natalie has my absolute trust and confidence. Sorry for the gushing. I’m done now!” 

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Reflux… Female, 55. Perth, Australia

After 6-mths … “I had 30 years of extremely bad digestion issues, particularly acid reflux and nausea after eating. I also fought a constant battle with cravings for some foods high in salt and sugar. I started the Gut Rebalancing Protocol and was surprised how quickly I started to feel better. My reflux reduced within days. I was also surprised at the bonus of fairly quick initial weight loss – particularly as it wasn’t something I was specifically aiming for. I now have some very practical tools to be able to maintain better long-term gut health. I would recommend this program to anyone with gut issues. Oh, and I no longer get sea-sick!”


Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Adrenal fatigue, Sleep disturbances, Hair Loss… Female, 52. Perth, Australia

After 6-mths… “After a long time trying to get to the bottom of my very poor memory, lethargy and hair loss, I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. I started removing certain foods from my diet as suggested to me and didn’t really see much improvement. In the mean time, I was on so many supplements trying desperately to keep things together. It was then discovered that I had Hashimotos thyroiditis…a severe attack on my thyroid which worsened over a couple of years. By this stage I was eating such a limited range of foods that my gut microbiome was seriously out of whack. I was in a terrible state. Fortunately, I discovered Natalie at one of her talks and eventually decided to try the Protocol. I could write for half an hour about how things have turned around for me by week 5 of the protocol. I have eaten so much more variety and quantity of food and I am feeling so happy and positive due to the great program and support. I am so grateful I went to that talk!! My life is being transformed not just my health! I have just started week 8 today and everything else is going SO well!! I re-read my goals from week 1 and I was so happy to realise that I have achieved all of them!! Thanks to your knowledge, encouragement and guidance”

Digestive Issues, Constipation… Female, 54. Perth, Australia

After 6-mths… “I joined the Protocol because of digestion issues and poor bowel regularity- which I have had most of my life. Seemed to be an inherited issue which usually gives people an out by saying, “Oh well I can’t do anything about inherited issues!” I decided I didn’t want to end up like my parents as I started to age – gracefully of course! I went on a very strict programme in 2016 for weight loss and achieved my goals but still had the worse digestion and bowel issues. I have no digestive pain or sluggishness and a regular bowel. I am very appreciative of all the hard work and insight given by Natalie. It’s amazing that there is a massive variety of foods out there I wasn’t eating”

Anxiety, SIBO, Pelvic Inflammatory disease, Wanting to get Pregnant… Female 33 (Mother to 3yr old & wanting to get pregnant)  Perth, Australia

After 6-mths.. “I finished the Protocol in December. I found the first couple of weeks a little challenging and then I found it became easier and loved everything about it from the delicious recipes and learning so much about food and the impact our gut microbiome has to so many areas of our health to how I felt physically and mentally and just being in control. My goal was to heal my gut having been diagnosed with SIBO and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease last year, reduce my inflammation, improve my mood and energy and get pregnant. I was very pleased with the results and achieving all my goals – I am now 12 weeks pregnant. The added bonus is my daughter is sleeping better, her eczema is gone and my husband has lost 9kg. I’ve already got so much value from this group and am very grateful for all of the teachings, support and community the private support group gives us.”


Lyme disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Headaches, Migraines, Fibromyalgia, Iron deficiency… Female, 37 (Mother to a 4 & 7 yr old) Perth, Australia

After 6-mths… “I just wanted to say “Thank you” Natalie! For the first time in over 3 years my monthly blood tests have returned a “normal” white cell & neutrophil count! Wooohoo. And just a wonderful tidbit about Iron and the Protocol…I traditionally have very low Ferritin levels (several infusions & see a Haematologist). Prior to starting GRP it was 27 (should be over 30) and I started eating healthy mixed with some chicken/fish whilst sorting out intolerances. Iron levels dropped further to 10 through that month. Started with the protocol from the beginning of February and  I’ve taken NO iron supplements and have already gone up with no supps!! Now it’s gone UP further and my Haemaglobin has gone up too!! (So no longer mild anaemia). Quite extraordinary! Thank you Natalie and the Protocol!! I decided to go for it and see if the gut could “fight it out and re-balance” as you’d mentioned in a previous post and Voila! Extremely grateful 🎉”

Auto immune disorder leading to inflammation of muscles, Lethargy, Lack of enthusiasm for life… Female, 52 (Mother to 2 grown up children) Perth, Australia

After 6-mths… “Energy levels up and no more brain fog. But had the best news yesterday in that all my blood tests results are normal… more high inflammatory markers… it’s not all in the mind like they told me!!! Woohoo”

Pain, Menopause symptoms, Overweight… Female, 53 (Mother and Grandmother) Perth, Australia

After 6-mths … “I joined because I realised I was spending all this time and money on exercise for my physical health but ignoring my inside health. I am currently on week 7 and feel really good. Cravings gone. I mainly started the program for pain. Some of my pains have improved by 50%, my night flushes are gone, weight down and just generally feel good. I have found the program easy to adhere. The preparation is definitely worth doing as it sets up your week. I am now much more conscious of what I put in my mouth. It has been hard at times but worth the effort to feel good when you wake up each morning” 

Migraines, Overweight… Female, 35 (Mother to a 2 & 5 yr old)  Sydney, Australia

After 6-mths… “I am loving the program. Have even travelled while on the Protocol to visiting family in Perth with my 2 and 5 year old in tow. I haven’t had a migraine since starting the program and have lost 6kg! I am loving the recipes and finding the variety so nice from my usual basic diet of the same recipes each week!”

Digestive issues, Cravings, Post-Pregnancy Weight… Female, 32 (Breastfeeding, 6mth old) Perth, Australia

After 6-mths… “I loved doing the gut rebalancing protocol. Once I did the prep before starting I found it easy to follow the protocol- I religiously stuck to it for the first 4 weeks and had some great results- lost weight was less bloated had more energy and didn’t crave the bad foods which was my main reason for doing the plan in the first place. Sometimes when I indulge a little too much on the sourdough bread I just bring it back to the GRP principles. Not going to lie, some days were tough combating the sugar withdrawals but perseverance and determination and it’s all worth it” 


High Cholesterol, Overweight, Digestive Issues… Female, 50. Perth, Australia

After 6-mths… “Total Cholesterol down from 7.6 to in range at 4.9, with a reduction of LDL from 5.1 to 3. I was on a wait list for an Endoscopy for the upper abdominal cramps and pains and NOW – NO spasms, bloating, cramping, tightness or tender feeling. No need for MRI!!! AND 9kg lighter and now at a healthy weight”

Eczema, Overweight… Female, 49 (Mother to 2 grown up children) Perth, Australia

After 6-mths… “I did really well on the protocol and lost around 8kg & my skin is 85% better than it was. I feel lighter, healthier & am very happy that I was recommended to see you. I am still continuing on my health journey, Thanks for all that you do”

Osteoarthritis, Poor mood, Overweight… Female, 53. Perth, Australia

After 6-mths… “Biggest noticeable change is my mood. Happy, relaxed positive…finding parking spaces easily at the shops. Lol. Craving for unhealthy snacks AND alcohol gone. A couple of kilos shed. No Tramadol (pain medication) needed for joint pain. Knowledge to take on my overseas holiday…priceless”

Psoriasis…  Female, 41. Perth, Australia

After 14 Days… “I have suffered with Psoriasis for the past 20 years and now it is quite severe with extensive coverage. After just 2-weeks my psoriasis is beginning to show signs of improvement with my skin looking a bit less angry. I have also lost 4.5 kg, mostly in week 1.

After 28 Days… The psoriasis on my upper body has improved significantly in my opinion. This protocol has had me buying and preparing certain foods that I had never even seen before, let alone cooked or eaten. It has also been an eye opener about supposedly healthy quick fixes like shop bought dairy free milk etc. that we pay a premium for, but are not that healthy after all. I’ve been surprised by how easy some of these premium items are to make more cheaply (and more healthy versions) at home. As a newcomer to Perth, it’s also been helpful getting shopping tips from others. I feel more educated about food and more capable in the kitchen than ever before.” 

NOTE: This client gave up after 42-days. Although she had significant progress in her condition, and felt so much better, she commented that external pressures she faced was something she found hard. Her boyfriend would nag her about what she was eating e.g. non-processed real whole foods. She also commented that she did not like the attention from co-workers as when a colleague asked ‘so what DO you eat?’ and a different colleague replied ‘she eats salad’ and laughed. Also a colleague was going away and she felt that she would offend him if she ate healthy food. While offered support she decided it was easier to hide her Psoriasis and not deal with the comments from others.

If you’re reading this… Ask yourself — Are you going to lead the life of pleasing others or yourself? This is your life, your health.

Overweight, Low Energy, Psoriasis, Bone infection (pain)… Female, 66 (Mother to 5 grown children and countless grandchildren!) Perth, Australia

After 28 Days… “When I started, I used to be tired in the afternoon, now I don’t need to have a nap. In regard to finger pain, it is still there, but I haven’t needed to take any Panadol osteo for two weeks and it is manageable with rubbing essential oils on it. Also, my left shoulder and knee are gone. Skin and psoriasis have improved. And 5.5kg down!

After 6-mths… Have lost 9.6kg. My psoriasis has greatly improved, only have small scaly patches behind my ears and no inflammation. I am enjoying the recipes and receiving lots of compliments and praises. And my doctor has been monitoring my bloods and results show great results with GGT going from 46 to 18 U/L and CRP (inflammation levels) going down. This proves what this protocol is all about!

Hay fever, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Psoriasis, Poor sleep… Female, 73 (Mother & Grandmother) Perth, Australia

Before starting … “I came to Natalie with a handful of Health issues and was sceptical as to whether they could be fixed being 73-yrs old and having many of the issues for over 3 decades. Riddled with daily hay fever – eyes stinging, congested, phlegm, mucous in throat. I also had constant bloating and a nauseous feeling after meals, in fact I’ve suffered with that since I was a child. I had psoriasis and itching that really bothered me. And finally, I slept really badly. But Natalie assured me what she could and couldn’t address so I went into it with realistic expectations however had no idea that my health would transform like this”

After 6-mths.. NO hay fever, NO bloating, NO nauseous feeling, NO psoriasis or itching and much better sleep.  I have learnt so much, I just wish I knew this years ago and didn’t accept others opinions of “it’s all part of getting older”. I NOW know what keeps me healthy. Thank you so much Natalie.” 

Menopause symptoms, Overweight…Female, 52. Perth, Australia

After 6-mths… “With the Protocol…I have found not only have I felt better, slept better, skin is so much brighter and lost 5kg,  being menopausal I think this is a huge achievement…nothing else has assisted me with my symptoms …Your advice has been invaluable! Much appreciated Nat! Xx”