Are you at a loss as to WHY ?

Well you’ve landed in the exact place you need to be.

I can help you understand WHY while at the same time Transforming your Health without any gimmicks, pills or powders… but more than that I can provide you with long-term sustainable results and a lifelong health toolkit unlike any other program.

Unlike other practitioners that work on short-term solutions (filled with costly supplements) I work on a life-long solution that has to date, transformed the health of over 400 clients worldwide.



Did you know YOU are more bacteria than human? You have over 100 trillion cells in your body… 90 trillion are bacteria and 10 trillion are human cells!! It’s called your Gut Microbiome. 

Cutting edge scientific research shows… that a Strong Healthy Gut Microbiome is  The Holy Grail of human health, overall wellness and resistance to disease. When IT flourishes YOU flourish, when IT struggles YOU struggle.

My clinical work with clients; with rebalancing their Gut Microbiome and the incredible health turnarounds they’ve experienced fully support these findings.

An imbalanced and struggling Gut Microbiome  has been linked to Immune dysfunction, Weight issues, Digestive disorders, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis), Anxiety, Depression,  Hormonal Imbalances, Fatigue, Intolerances and Allergies, Hay-fever, Type 2 Diabetes, SIBO, Candida Overgrowth, High blood pressure, High Cholesterol,  Osteoporosis, Muscle/Joint Aches and Pains,  Metabolic Syndrome, Cancer, Fibromyalgia,Thyroid and Autoimmune disorders and Skin conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea and Adult acne.  Recent research has even shown a connection Parkinson’s, MS and Alzheimer’s.

Why such a connection with SO many health conditions??

Because YOUR Gut Microbiome is what underpins your WHOLE body – think of it as the foundations of a house.  When IT gets damaged, it becomes more unstable, and if left untreated the whole house will need major repairs. What started out as a few niggling issues, over a period of time, suddenly turns into a serious condition!



But ONLY if you’re willing, dedicated to making and change and committed 



My Gut Rebalancing Protocol … a comprehensive blueprint, based on proven scientific research, that gives you ALL the tools you need to Transform Your Health by rebalancing the foundation of your health – YOUR Gut Microbiome.

With clients across Australia, and around the world, we can connect virtually. But you need to know, I ONLY work with those committed to change… so before you go any further, head to my FAQ to read more about the Protocol, how we will work together and some of the basics of what is involved.

Then… after reading the info, if you meet the criteria and feel this is for you… then I’d love to work with you… so book a Complimentary Call HERE and you can tell me what is going on health-wise, ask me any questions, and I will discern whether or not you are a suitable candidate for the Gut Rebalancing Protocol and working together.  If I cannot help you I will point you in the direction of someone who can.

I look forward to speaking with you. Nat x

Natalie Woodman is a Nutritional Medicine  and Gut Health Practitioner (and Naturopath). She is one of Australia’s leading authorities on Gut Health and runs a successful online practice with clients across the globe. Her intimate knowledge and work with the Gut Microbiome is based on countless evidence-based peer reviewed research and its application in a clinical setting in treating multiple health conditions.

She is a registered Nutritionist with most Australian Private Health Insurers and rebates for Consultations are available for those with appropriate cover. She is also a member of The Australian Natural Therapists Association Limited (ANTA) the largest national association of recognized professionals in both traditional, complementary medicine and natural therapy. She has comprehensive Professional Indemnity & Public and Products Liability Insurance worldwide, excluding USA and Canada